PMP Manifesto

The Pimp My Purpose Manifesto is a set of 10 core beliefs, agreements and guiding principles that shape everything we do here. In other words, this is what we think of when we think about YOUR purpose and potential.


  • YOUR PURPOSE IS JOY – At a fundamental level we all share the same life purpose; to carve positive indelible grooves into the world with our heartfelt expressions of innate love and happiness (joy). To be guided by anything other than love and happiness means we have misunderstood our purpose.
  • UNIQUENESS – You are here to be generous with your unique gifts and talents and the world is desperate for your contribution. There are valuable differences only you can make. You are a vital piece of life’s great jigsaw puzzle and without you we are all incomplete.
  • KEEP IT REAL – Living your true purpose means showing up as your most authentic self. You are more valuable without a mask. Courageously letting us see who you really are – the unedited version of you – and trusting in our capacity to accept you unconditionally is the most reliable way to feel deeply connected to your life. You are invited to leave your impenetrable, glossy exterior at the door.
  • NO MORE BLAH – Life is way too short to be boring. You are not here to be dull, bland and safe. Your hands are supposed to be mucky. Your knees are supposed to get grazed. Embracing the playful, curious child within you ensures learning will alway be fun and life will always be an adventure. The purpose of being alive is to come alive.
  • INSPIRATION KNOWS BEST – Your feelings of inspiration are really instructions from your deepest wisdom on how to share your purpose with the world. There is nothing logical about your purpose. Intellect is great for solving algebra, but not for living a joyful life. Inspiration is the compass that keeps you heading true north, no matter how irresponsible your intellect thinks you are being.
  • MAKE A DIFFERENCE – Your true purpose is way bigger than you. The purpose of having a purpose is to make the world a more awesome place. Making a positive difference, no matter how big or small, to someone or something other than you is the reason you are here. Your soul is a vessel for service and you are the answer to someone else’s pray.
  • DREAM BIG, ACT SMALL – You have full permission to make unreasonable demands of your creative potential. Set the bar high with a lofty irrational vision for the future and give yourself the rest of your life to reach it through daily baby steps. You inspiring mission may be too big for your ego, but its probably perfect for who you really are.
  • WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER – There are just some things that you cannot do on your own, neither are you supposed to. Part of your purpose is to let others fill in the blanks. After all, they have a purpose too! The support and connection you willingly receive from others is an incubator for your brilliance.
  • DO WHAT YOU CAN WITH WHAT YOU’VE GOT – Living true to your authentic purpose does not require you to wait until you’ve got enough money, time, energy or support. Your purpose is not a job title or a role you’ve adopted, neither is it a goal with a deadline. It is a journey without end. It is a continual unfolding of your highest truth moment by moment. Do something – anything – today, with whatever resources you have, that expresses your love and inspiration and makes you come alive.
  • BE UNATTACHED - By letting go of the notion that happiness comes from outside things, situations and events, you are free to explore the happiness factory located in the heart of your soul. Being non-attached to outcomes, rewards, and the heavily marketed trappings of success, means you can still go after them knowing that your happiness is not dependent on them.

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